E Waste San Jose

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E Waste San Jose

Finding the right e waste liquidation company in San Jose is as easy as following the positive reviews and word of mouth. Locals trust Excess Logic with all of their e waste recycling and liquidation needs for numerous reasons. If you’ve been searching for a 100% free recycling service, you won’t find a company that cares more about the environment and their clients.

You won’t have to worry about the safety and security of your sensitive data with Excess Logic- it’s guaranteed. Their experts strictly adhere to the current disposal standards set by the Department of Defense, requiring 7 passes. All items accepted by Excess Logic are recycled under full compliance with the Federal and State computer and e waste equipment disposal regulations. E waste in San Jose has been made simple, convenient and 100% free.

Take a closer look at the benefits associated with having your e waste picked up and recycled by Excess Logic:

- First of all, their service is cost-free. How many other services in your community can you find that come at absolutely no cost to your company? Excess Logic provides a beneficial service to all companies in the San Jose and surrounding areas with the express goal of keeping e waste out of the area’s landfill.

- Your seemingly value-less e waste actually contains many valuable, recoverable materials that can be recycled to conserve natural resources as well as the energy needed to mine for, secure and produce new equipment from them. Materials including aluminum, copper, gold, silver, plastic and ferrous metals can be reused and recycled instead of making their way into landfills.

- Not only does your e waste contain valuable materials, it also contains harmful, toxic and hazardous materials which leach into soil and water, including lead, cadmium, mercury, chromium, beryllium and various flame retardants. If these materials are not diverted from local landfills, they can do a great deal of damage to the local environment.

- Excess Logic can repurpose or donate your out-dated electronics and other equipment so that they can be reused instead of being recycled at this time. Consider the timely donation of your company’s excess equipment that another company or individual would be happy to receive.

- E waste recycling in San Jose creates jobs for recyclers and creates various new markets for the parts and components being recycled from electronics. All of this comes at no cost to your company, making it a certain win/win situation for all involved. It takes only a phone call on your part and Excess Logic will do all the heavy lifting. Consider the benefits and make the call.

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With only 13% of e waste in the US making its way to recycling centers, there is a huge call for companies to step up and partner with a local recycling company. What may seem like only a small step can actually result in huge change.

Every individual and company using electronics has the responsibility to take part in recycling. For convenient and free e waste recycling in San Jose, call Excess Logic today at 650-307-7553.

E Waste San Jose

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